How To Overcome Fear of Failure

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In this post, you learn, How To Overcome Fear of Failure. Everyone has fear whether it is animal or bird or man. Every human is afraid of something or the other. Sometimes the fear of violence, sometimes fear of humiliation, fear of failure, fear of death, and actually, because of this fear, we do not move forward.

 Because of this fear, we are not able to take the right decision at the right time and we make this fear come true.

This fear dominates us in such a way that we never get rid of it. What is the benefit of fearing what has to happen in the future?

Rather your mind becomes patient. The fear that we live in does not always happen. But if the mind remains calm and stable then we can face every difficulty.

Today we will know how to overcome this fear of ours.

What Exactly is Fear?

Fear is only a feeling of our mind. It is a lie that is not true but we feel like the truth. It is only our imagination that prevents us from doing any work.

It is only for the future that if we do this, then it will not go wrong in the future or if I do what people will say.

But we can never know the future and if we talk about what people will say, we will talk about it again sometime.

So is this fear not just our senselessness or ignorance? Fear sometimes becomes the main cause of human failure.

Fear is indeed false. But now do not start thinking that with a knife, start running on your hand or put your hand on the fire and say that I am not afraid of anything.

If you do this, then you also know what will be the result.

This is absolutely stupid, we are threatened by these things. This is the difference between fear and danger.

Danger is the reality of our life. Because if you use a knife on your hand, your hand will definitely bite and if you put your hand in the fire, it will burn.

But if you make this fear in your mind before doing any work, if it fails, then it is only your imagination.

So now you must have understood well that this fear is only the imagination of our mind. And we can control the mind. Can we not overcome this fear?

Now all of you might want to know how to overcome your fear. So let’s know how to overcome your fear:

Face Your Fear

If you have to overcome your fear, then first you have to face it. Okay, tell me one thing you have ever seen mice in your house. Those rats come out only when we are calm. But as soon as you stand up, they immediately run away.

So you just have to do the same with your fear and face it firmly rather than sitting in hiding.

When your parents were living in this fear when you were young, you would never learn to walk.

You may have fallen once or twice but stood up again and learned not only to run but also to run.

He says in the advertisement of Mountain Dwe that “there is victory over fear”.

So yes it is true that only by facing your fear you can win over it.

Remember Your Goal 

Whenever you are afraid, remember what your goal is. Remember what you want to achieve in your life and remember, it is not easy to get food for one time.

How will you become a player tomorrow if you quit playing for fear of losing. You have to forget your fear and remember the reason for which you want to succeed.

Whenever that beggar starts to fear that now if he went to another house to beg, he had to return empty handed from there too.

Now if you are thinking of a beggar that he eats food for free.

But remember how hard he works for that one bread too. How much he suffers, wanders from rate to place, then he gets a bread somewhere.

So he only remembers the reason for which he is begging. You also have to remember your reason for which you are working hard.

Practice (Imagination Therapy)

You practice, That means imagine the work you are afraid to do and practice to win over it.

For example, if you are afraid to speak in public, imagine that you are in a crowd of millions and you are presenting your views with complete confidence in front of them all. They are all clapping for you loudly.

So this will make you feel happy and your fear will be reduced.

Oh yes, you must have seen in movies, like a hero has to say something in front of the heroine.

But even if he is afraid, how does he practice by standing in front of the mirror again and again.

To tell the truth, I definitely adopt this imagination therapy in my life and I also feel new enthusiasm in me.

You will see this once by yourself and will comment and tell us how you felt.

Remove Your Negative Thoughts

If negative thoughts are coming in your mind about some work, then try to overcome them.

You only pay attention to positive thoughts. Because


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