Acupressure is the ancient treatment method of India. It was born in India, but grew up and  in China.

Wearing lacquer bracelets in women’s hands, wearing necklaces around the neck, wearing anklets on feet.

Wearing jewelry by piercing the nose and ears. Apply red-colored tilak on the forehead. This is all acupressure.

Our ancient people had a great knowledge of acupressure. His knowledge is found in many of our old texts.

Acupressure = Acu+ pressure, that is, acupressure is made up of two words.

Acu means pressure from a sharp or sharp object or thumb at a point and pressure means pressure.

All the organisms in our body and analogy point are made on our hands and feet of each part of the body.

When there is an imbalance in them, there is a sharp pain on pressing them, then it is known that there is an imbalance of energy in that organ inside the body, and by pressing on that place, the disease can be cured in a few days.

The best thing about acupressure is that there is no use of any medicine in it.

Treatment is treated by seed therapy, by pressure therapy at acupressure points, by magnet therapy, color therapy, boole magnet therapy, super power magnet therapy, auricular therapy, etc.

By pressing immediately the circulation of that place increases and the pain gets relief.

Now, the patient does not feel any pain by applying small magnets because after applying the magnets there is no need to press the acupressure point.

Magnets themselves balance energy. Where there is more energy, they reduce it and where there is less, they increase it. With magnetic therapy, good results have been obtained on treatment in curable and incurable diseases.

If there is a slip disc, cervical, lump anywhere in the body, it is also cured and has got benefit in cancer diseases.

By learning this mode, you can treat yourself, your family and society and lead a healthy life.