Why are we sad ?

Why is my disease not healing ? Why are we sad When will my disease be cured? Will i be alright or not?

Why is the person sad? What is the reason for his sadness? And how can he overcome his suffering? what does he have to do ?

Nobody gives anything to anyone and no doctor can increase or decrease one’s breath. A man brings a count of breaths according to his deeds at birth and he has to go from this world when his breath is complete.

That is why Lord Krishna insisted on performing Kumbhak-rechak pranayama in the Gita. It should be done under the patronage of a Yogacharya. We should never do wrong things for money, otherwise your actions will disturb us later.

If you do not get the fruits of these actions in this life, then you will have to suffer this result in the next life. What did we bring and what will we take?

If you have an answer, let me know. Watch this video and you follow the rules mentioned in it and stay healthy.