Health is the biggest wealth in this world. A man can earn any amount of wealth, but if he is unwell, he can never be happy.

Many times it has been observed that man cannot buy everything from his wealth, that is, you can always keep health good by following the rules of getting up and waking at regular times with proper dieting by natural methods.

When the disease comes and becomes chronic, you feel yourself unable to get good health and health as before even after applying money.

Caution has to be taken before becoming ill. Due to which the disease will not come and the chance of getting the disease will be very less.

We should eat human made things very rarely or sometimes. But the things made of nature should be eaten daily in the form that we have received.

Such as guava, banana, apple, pear, papaya, watermelon, carrot, tomato, cucumber, cucumber, spinach, fenugreek, turi, gourd, bitter gourd, turnip, etc. fruits and vegetables,

if we clean and eat them raw then our immune system is strong lives and diseases do not catch us.

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When should you eat less salt ?

1.  A person with cancer should stop the salt.

2. In kidney disease, one should eat less salt as the kidney shrinks by eating more salt.

3. If someone has more tears, then salt should be eaten less.

4. Salt should be reduced daily in high BP disease. To remain healthy, a man should eat 5 grams of salt per day.

5. If swelling occurs due to water retention in the body, then salt should be eaten at least.

6. Salt should be reduced in mental illness and depression.

When should you eat less Sugar ?

1. Eating too much sugar can cause diabetes.

2. Eating more sweet also causes head hair to fall.

3. Kidney energy is imbalanced by eating too much sugar.

4. Eating too much sweet causes problems in bones.

When should you eat less Sour ?

1. Eating more sour liver makes more saliva.

2. The amount of sourness should be reduced when saliva falls more.

3. If the flesh becomes stiff due to eating too much sour, then such a person should reduce the sourness.

4. Sour food should not be eaten to prevent any problems in the skin.

5. Eating more sour lips gets extinguished and gets loose.

6. Spleen becomes weak due to continuous souring for a long time. Digestive power also becomes weak.

When should you eat less Sour ?

1. Eating more spicy muscles results in lumps.

2. By eating more spicy, the pulse starts to weaken.

3. By eating too spicy, the nails of a person’s hands and feet get spoiled.

4. By eating more spicy, the man’s self-power starts to decrease.

When should you eat less Bitter ?

1. Stomach obstruction occurs by eating more bitter food.

2. Bone diseases are increased by eating more bitter food.

3. Body hair falls due to eating more bitter food, the hair of the patient’s beard and mustache etc. starts falling .

4. Skin becomes dry and loose due to eating more bitter food.

5. The power of the spleen  starts drying up.